Planning a Flexible and Scalable Data Center

  • Region: APAC
  • Category: Data Center Solutions
  • Language: English
  • 70 minutes

Please join CommScope’s Matias Peluffo, Asia Pacific Director, Strategic Accounts - Hyperscale to explore key network connectivity trends and discuss practical recommendations, tools and solutions for optimizing your Data Center network infrastructure. We will discuss how you can stay ahead of the increasing demands for bandwidth, capacity and lower latency that fuel the migration to faster network speeds, and how CommScope can help you design your data center with agility and scalability. You’ll also hear what’s next if you are already deploying spine/leaf architecture.

This webinar will cover:

  • bandwidth planning - 400G+ migration strategies and best practices
  • how to maximize the performance of data center with Ultra-Low Loss architecture

Webinar Presenter

Matias Peluffo CommScope Asia Pacific Director, Strategic Accounts - Hyperscale

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