Infrastructure solutions for the multi tenant data center environment

Infrastructure and insightful management that benefit owners and tenants alike

Multi tenant data centers (MTDCs) are a smart way to grow the capabilities of your colocation IT infrastructure and control costs at the same time. But, just like moving into a new apartment, how much you get out of your space depends on how you furnish it.

That’s where CommScope can help you get the most efficiency and performance from rack, cage, room or floor. CommScope delivers a complete ecosystem of copper and fiber infrastructure, as well as insightful infrastructure management, to ensure MTDC deployments perform their best. We’ve been a solutions leader for more than three decades—that’s why 75 percent of the Fortune 100 trust CommScope solutions for their business-critical infrastructure.

We also help MTDC owners make their spaces more attractive and valuable. For instance, we offer best-in-class optical distribution frames, outside and inside plant connectivity and fiber raceway solutions for your OSP, entrance facilities, meet-me rooms and to your customers’ cages.

With CommScope, it’s a win-win for everyone involved in the MTDC business.

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