NOVUX Clears the Path for FTTH Growth

NOVUX’s simple, flexible, and scalable architecture offer a clear advantage and pathway for FTTH growth. Read James DeCoe’s blog to learn more.

NOVUX_PortfolioImages_PressReleaseOne of the biggest challenges facing modern operators is how to efficiently integrate new fiber types, topologies, and technologies, as they build FTTH networks connecting today’s infrastructure with tomorrow’s.

According to Omdia, 56% of all consumer broadband connections in Europe were FTTH in 2020, and will increase to 62% in 2021. But as operators broaden their investment in fiber, they must account for the new complexity in their networks in their selection of infrastructure solutions.

In Europe, for example, various combinations of aerial, façade, and underground wiring types multiplied by different architectures, topologies, and applications present thousands of potential permutations and specific configurations. This, in turn, adds to the challenge of training skilled labor in the deployment and servicing of these highly specialized network components.

CLICK TO TWEET: CommScope’s James DeCoe explains how the new NOVUX solution is a simple, flexible, and scalable architecture that offers a clear advantage and pathway for FTTH growth.

In the past, it was nearly impossible to accommodate such diversity under the umbrella of a single ecosystem of components, but the launch of CommScope’s NOVUX FTTH portfolio changes the process entirely. By designing NOVUX from the ground up, CommScope engineers were able to build a modular architecture that captures new efficiencies while catering to a complete range of connections, configurations, and applications—past, present, and future.

NOVUX Closures

This flexibility of design is apparent in solutions like the NOVUX Compact Closures, which feature universal cable attachment, movable hinges, multiple mounting options, and an Octopus™ Gel Seal that allows quick, secure, and repeated entry. Meanwhile, the NOVUX SRC Closures and NOVUX SEC Closures directly address the full range of outdoor wiring and mounting configurations, for unprecedented flexibility in installations, both above and below ground. 

NOVUX Hardened Terminals

The NOVUX Hardened Terminals offer the widest variety of technologies available on a single FTTH deployment platform. With single- and multi-fiber splitters and an optical tap, operators can use the terminals to implement fiber indexing, increasing the number of compatible configurations and enabling on-demand availability of hybrid configurations. Furthermore, CommScope’s new Prodigy™ small-form hardened connector system will soon enable these terminals to be up to 37% smaller.

On a platform level, NOVUX allows operators to use 75% fewer components than existing solutions while delivering 50 times the number of configurations available today. This rearchitecting of key network solutions drastically simplifies technician training. And with CommScope’s cTrak app, field installers can quickly scan QR codes on all NOVUX devices to gain immediate access specific product information, which saves time and paper. 

NOVUX’s simple, flexible, and scalable architecture offer a clear advantage and pathway for FTTH growth. To find out more about NOVUX, please visit the CommScope website.