Passive Optical Devices

Access untapped potential in your fiber network with passive optical devices

Passive optical devices are essential in modern communication networks, enabling data transmission over long distances without active components like amplifiers. These devices, integral to fiber networks, comprise optical splitters, WDMs, Coexistence, and passive components.

CommScope, a leading provider, offers a range of products, including versatile optical splitters, various WDMs, coexistence modules, and seamlessly integrating passive optical components for efficient network optimization.

While fiber optics drive bandwidth-heavy applications, installing new fiber proves costly and time-consuming. CommScope's integrated solutions focus on passive optical devices (PODs), revolutionizing infrastructure adaptation by maximizing resources, reducing costs, and enhancing performance. Tailored around PODs, CommScope provides standardized and customized solutions, facilitating seamless integration and rapid deployment.

CommScope’s POD integrated solutions offer key advantages:

  • Expand existing network capacity without additional fiber
  • Trim costs while boosting optical performance
  • Accelerate deployment and ROI
  • Efficiently monitor network traffic
  • Consolidate services on a single fiber
Optical Splitters

Optical splitters and couplers split or combine light—distributing signals injected into a single fiber strand to multiple fibers, enabling point to multi-point communication in Fiber To The Home (FTTH) networks based on ITU.T PON standards such as GPON, XGS-PON and new 25 and 50G standards.
CommScope offers a portfolio of bare and connectorized splitters/couplers in a wide range of styles and split ratios, and splitter modules for inside plant (ISP) and outside plant (OSP) applications that help you optimize your fiber access network architecture.

CommScope’s optical splitter products enable:

  • Faster turnup of passive optical networks (PONs)
  • Reliability and performance in outside plant environments
  • Low insertion-loss specifications
  • Customer test reports and reliability certification



Why CommScope?

Fiber connectivity expertise icon

Fiber connectivity expertise

Field installers around the world recognize our inside and outside plant solutions for versatility in all environments and ease of use. We have more than four decades of expertise in fiber connectivity.

Relentless innovations icon

Relentless innovations

We are driven by what’s next and continue to invest in finding better solutions. Our passive optical devices experts not only support product innovation, but also advance the industry’s knowledge in fiber connectivity.

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Proven performance

With hundreds of thousands of fiber connectivity frames, cabinets, closures and terminals deployed, we are the trusted partner for all fiber networks.

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