Coaxial trunk and distribution cables

High-performance hardline cables that are easy to install

CommScope started supplying coaxial cables at the birth of the CATV industry over 40 years ago. Since then, our cables have become the industry standard. Why? Because of design and construction techniques that produce a quality cable with excellent performance characteristics, at the right price.

Developed to provide low RF attenuation and integrate easily with existing plant cable, these hardline cables meet the increasing demands of modern broadband networks. With billions of feet of coaxial cables deployed, CommScope is a trusted name.

For trunk and distribution applications, the 75 Ohm P3® and QR® coaxial cables are the standard.

P3® - Traditional Reliability
Polyethylene dielectric features closed cell gas expanded foaming technology, with an impressive signal propagation at 87% of the speed of light.

QR® - Optimal Design & Construction
The flexible alternative with superior performance characteristics, in a smaller cable.

Common features for P3® and QR® cables

  • ACT™, or Advanced Coring Technology™, holds United States Patent 7,497,010 - Method for manufacturing a coaxial cable with a strippable center conductor pre-coat. Designed to shear away under the torsional forces applied when coring the cable, ACT™ often provides a clean center conductor as part of this process. If not, the center conductor will come clean with a single pull of center conductor cleaning tool. This remarkable feature eliminates the many bad practices that are used to clean center conductors that often damage the copper skin.
  • All CommScope P3® and QR® cable are manufactured and inspected to exceed the SCTE’s DOCSIS 3.1 extended frequency testing requirements. DOCSIS 3.1 technology promises download speeds up to 10Gbps. A combination of higher order modulations, extending the RF spectrum from 1GHz to 1.218 GHz, and other innovations make this possible.
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