Fast and reliable copper connectivity

As a service provider, you require quick, dependable connectivity when deploying your xDSL and networks. CommScope’s LSA-PLUS® quick-connect modules provide both reliable connectivity and accelerated deployment as well as cost efficiency.

LSA-PLUS is based on the renowned LSA-PLUS Insulation Displacement Contacts (IDC). This innovative contact technology ensures a very high degree of dependability even under the most adverse environmental and climatic conditions—while still offering flexibility and ease of handling.

We also offer a complete and economical range of connectors to splice copper communication cables—along with related installation tools:

  • High-density mass splicing connectors (AMP STACK™)
  • Single splice connectors—inline and butt (Tel-Splice II, PICABOND®)

At CommScope, we’re committed to providing you with the solutions you need. Together, let’s build the best wireline solutions that help your network reach its full potential.

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Copper connectivity

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