Converged access

As access networks within the enterprise multiply and become more complex, the entire ecosystem grows unmanageable—both physically and fiscally.

Edge network convergence consolidates all traffic onto a single existing IP/Ethernet network that’s easily managed from a single dashboard. Eliminate unnecessary cost and complexity with technology-agnostic access points and switches, converged IoT management software, and unified structured cabling from CommScope.

CommScope offers a number of migration network paths that allow operators to get the most out of their existing HFC infrastructure. Plus, with CommScope’s fiber densification solutions, operators can roll out advanced network options capable of delivering higher capacity, lower latency and reduced operational costs—at a pace that doesn’t strain their workforce or budget.

Challenges and opportunities


Simplified infrastructure

IoT deployments require discrete and often different networks—Wi-Fi, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), Zigbee, etc. Having an end-to-end solution with access points and cabling that support the various protocols simplifies the infrastructure and eliminates the silos.

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Operational management

As the number of wired and wireless access networks increases, understanding how they are performing becomes more challenging. Having a single dashboard that enables you to view, compare and correlate user experiences as they move from one network to the next is critical.

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Converged management

Managing your growing number of wired and wireless IoT access networks—as well as your time—is tough. But what if you could deploy a single network controller to monitor, provision and troubleshoot every switch and access point across all connected networks?

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Why CommScope?

Reliability and Security

Reliability and security

With 40 years of networking experience—including structured cabling, wired and wireless access—CommScope builds IT and OT networks that ensure stable, secure, uninterrupted connections for your people and things.

Simple and efficient

Simple and efficient

CommScope simplifies network complexity by minimizing network silos, consolidating wired and wireless infrastructure, automating network monitoring and providing a single source for managing your entire physical layer.

Innovative design

Innovative design

CommScope is well known for pushing the boundaries of technology. Our Wi-Fi access points are the industry’s most efficient, and our converged LAN-WLAN management solutions, the most robust. Along with our portfolio of low-latency, non-blocking switches, they reflect our vision for the future.