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E-RATE: Latest Update!

On Dec. 3, 2019, the FCC issued a Report and Order (R&O) for the E-Rate Program stating to make permanent the Category 2 budget.

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E-Rate Category 2 is here to stay. The Report and Order approaches Funding Year 2020 as a bridge year allowing USAC time to incorporate the new approach for 2021. Here are the highlights:

New Rules for 2021

  1. Category 2 Budgets will be reset for 2021
  2. Starting in 2021 Category 2 Budgets will be fixed for each 5 year period going forward
  3. Starting in 2021 Budgets will be on a school district or library system basis
  4. Increases the funding floor to $25,000
  5. The per student budget allocation will be $167 for schools and $4.50 per sq. ft. for libraries

Our online Budget Tool has been updated to reflect the new rules!


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