Internet of Things

Make the Internet of Things (IoT) work for you

The Internet of Things has helped organizations across all industries create new services, streamline operations, and greatly improve customer experience. From universities to hotels to offices to homes, the IoT is transforming the fabric of business and personal life.

As the number of connected devices increases, how are you using the IoT to create value for your enterprise?

IoT and converged networks

At CommScope, our goal is to simplify networking. With RUCKUS, companies do not have to deploy additional networks to support any specific IoT device. Enterprises can aggregate and backhaul IoT traffic across a common RUCKUS wireless network and simplify the provisioning, management, and securing of their converged network, so they can lower costs and accelerate the delivery of IoT benefits.

IoT in every industry



Hoteliers are using IoT technologies to enable a personalized guest experience that differentiates their hotel property and brand.

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Smart Cities

Cities are using IoT applications to run city services more efficiently and to deliver new services to residents, businesses and visitors.

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Multi-dwelling units

Multi-dwelling unit (MDU) owners and operators are using IoT applications to create “smart home” experiences that attract new residents and help their properties stand out from the crowd.

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Higher Education

IoT-enabled smart campuses make colleges and universities safer and more efficient, and give students new ways to engage in campus life.

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Primary Education

Connected classrooms give students a more engaging, personalized 1:1 learning experience, with new “edtech” (education technology) tools being added every day.

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When stores understand their customers—how they shop, where they linger, which paths are most trafficked through a space—they’re in prime position to deliver better in-store experiences and increase sales.

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As hospitals and clinics struggle to provide better, more personalized healthcare, a converged access network becomes the foundation for supporting all of the devices and services that deliver a safer, healthier, and more responsive patient experience.

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Large Public Venues

IoT services such as wayfinding, asset tracking and IP Video security at large public venues are critical for crowd safety and satisfaction.

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Featured products for smart campus

  • IoT Suite
  • Network Controllers
  • Wireless access points
  • Ethernet & IP Switches
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  • RUCKUS® and TraknProtect: Tracking and Alert Services

    IoT networks and devices have emerged as a problem-solving tool as well as a way to differentiate and delight customers with a better than home experience. IoT devices can track assets, employees, and connect environmental controls back to a central control point at a given facility. IoT can also be used to provide better experiences such as faster room pick up services and door locks that can be operated with the guest’s phone instead of a clunky key card.
  • White Paper: RUCKUS® IoT Security

    This document provides an overview of the security behind IoT (Internet of Things) devices and protocols and the underlying security architecture of the Ruckus IoT (RIOT) suite. Some knowledge of the network protocols is recommended. This document is written for and intended for use by technical engineers with background in Wi-Fi design and 802.11/wireless engineering principles. An understanding of IoT protocols such as IEEE 802.15.4, BLE, and Zigbee is recommended.
Smart Dwelling

Reduce costs and increase tenant satisfaction by deploying IoT services over a converged network.

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Customer Story: Royal Park Hotel (Trailer)

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions and Ruckus collaborated on an integrated solution that offered a streamlined, economical and forward-looking approach to bringing door locks—and future IoT technologies—online.

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The 21st Century Office Network Vol2 – IoT story

(English subtitles)

IoT makes all the office’s devices intelligent. Integrated with wireless access points, CommScope RUCKUS turns AP into the IoT gateway for Zigbee and BLE. As RUCKUS has aligned itself with other IoT suppliers, users can pair appropriate IoT devices from either or both.

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