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An optimal fiber cable solution to fit your requirements

As a trusted supplier of fiber-optic cables to the industry, we offer a comprehensive range of cabling solutions. Whatever your application, our fiber-optic cables are designed and manufactured to withstand the challenges of their environment.

There are three main types:

  • Outside plant cables—for outdoor applications, including aerial, underground and direct buried, duct, and drops
  • Indoor/outdoor cables strong enough to withstand the rigors of the outside environment, while easy to work with for indoor use
  • Premise cables—rated for indoor applications including plenum, riser, and low-smoke zero halogen (LSZH)

CommScope’s new rollable ribbon fiber cable portfolio is one of the most innovative technologies to solve today’s challenging needs for increased density and reduced footprint in applications ranging from data centers to FTTX distribution hubs and access  network closures and terminals.

Whatever specific cable type you need, you can probably find it at CommScope. A few examples:

  • Tight buffered or dry loose tube
  • Riser or plenum
  • A wide variety of fiber drop cables including: flat drop (standard & toneable), armored drop cables, and indoor/outdoor drops
  • Alternative jacket—a non-toxic, food grade blend of additives included in the jacket compound designed to help repel rodents
  • LightScope ZWP® (Zero Water Peak)—transmits 30 percent more usable spectrum than standard singlemode
  • Microcables
  • E2O solutions—combines fiber, coax and/or microducts inside a single ruggedized sheath to activate new fiber-based services with minimal delay

CommScope supplies reliable and durable fiber cable to national and local service providers, regional networks, enterprises, utilities, and cities.

We can put our expertise and knowledge at your service, and design an optimal solution to fit your requirements.

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