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Structured cabling is a standard way of managing and utilizing your enterprise building's connectivity to facilitate moves, adds and changes on your network without causing unnecessary downtime or interruptions. It’s also a smart, easy-to-manage network infrastructure that supports applications such as sensor-driven technologies, Wi-Fi, cloud computing and much more. 

Structured cabling systems (SCS) include all the cables, wire, and associated equipment and apparatus necessary to provide service from the network interface to the information outlet at the work location—or to any communication device within the customer premise.

This system provides a structured, systematic way of doing things and established standards for deploying cabling within a building, including cross-connects and outlet terminations. The structured cabling system typically serves a building or group of buildings.

Structured cabling has evolved to support today’s ultra-high speeds and complex network architectures for the intelligent building, the campus, and the data center. The mission remains the same, however: helping our customers meet their bandwidth demands; simplifying the planning, design, and construction of complex networks; and staying ahead of their technology needs. With a properly designed and deployed structured cabling, customers enjoy a standardized way of implementing a network that is application independent and can scale with their needs.

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While SYSTIMAX® SCS started out using basic 25-count twisted-pair cable and 110 systems, it has evolved into a broad portfolio of copper and fiber cable and connector products. Today, the CommScope portfolio includes all cable and apparatus associated with its PowerSUM®(Category 5e), GigaSPEED® XL® (Category 6), GigaSPEED X10D® (Category 6A), InstaPATCH® 360, OptiSPEED®, LazrSPEED® (OM3, OM4, OM5) and TeraSPEED® products.

At CommScope, we help enterprise buildings minimize OpEx and future installation costs through structured cabling solutions that include:

We know that structured cabling isn’t just for data centers or IT departments. That’s why you can trust CommScope to help you realize a truly connected and efficient building. Together, let’s unlock your building’s potential.

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