Accelerating in-building 5G

Welcome to the future of connectivity, where fast cloud access, low latency applications, and massive IoT are not just possibilities, but realities. This is the world of 5G, a world of innovation. And for enterprises, bringing 5G into your building is not about convenience, it’s about evolution. Enter CommScope ONECELL, an in-building small cell solution that simplifies and accelerates enterprise cellular adoption.

Say goodbye to slow cellular connections and connectivity gaps and hello to seamless 5G (and 4G) coverage that gives your enterprise the competitive edge it needs, without straining your budget. Built for simplicity and evolution, our neutral host small cell solution leverages open, standard IT technologies to deliver cost-effective, facility-wide cellular connectivity. ONECELL supports multiple mobile network operators and fosters innovative private networking applications. The result? A future-oriented network that evolves with your needs, ensuring your staff and customers stay connected, satisfied, and productive. But that's not all. ONECELL is easy to implement. Our turn-key managed services ensure a quick and painless setup. Plus, with real-time performance visibility, you can monitor cellular traffic inside your facility to ensure optimal performance at all times.

With ONECELL, you're not just investing in a state-of-the-art in-building small cell, you're unlocking a new level of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Propel your business into the future and keep it moving at the speed of 5G.

ONECELL uses an IT-friendly deployment model to bring the promise of 5G to enterprises.

ONECELL® small cell

Part of our Small Cell Solutions Portfolio, ONECELL is a modular, multi-operator, in-building 4G/LTE and 5G wireless solution. The system consists of: 

  • The Baseband Controller is responsible for performing all baseband processing and scheduling, and it coordinates the transmitter and receiver functions across all Radio Points.
  • Radio Points transmit and receive radio frequency (RF) signals over the air and perform some layer-1 baseband processing.
  • The system operates on standard Gigabit Ethernet links and Ethernet switches. As a turnkey partner, CommScope can provide all the cabling and switching needed.
  • The Device Management System enables automated provisioning and ongoing support.

CommScope is committed to serving and expanding the in-building wireless market in partnership with neutral hosts and mobile operators. Our ONECELL small cell and access points are designed specifically to meet the needs of multi-operator, neutral hosted deployments. Together, we are making the in-building wireless future possible.

ONECELL System Diagram

ONECELL winner of SCF Small Cell Award

Category 8: Commercial product or service to enable multi-operator and neutral host business models

"CommScope’s ONECELL is a well-established platform that has always pioneered the latest approaches to efficient in-building coverage, such as centralized networks. By providing ONECELL to property owners as a managed service, the judges believe the company is significantly lowering barriers to achieving the in-building connectivity that businesses need so badly"

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In-building wireless trends 

Network Migration trend icon

Network Migration from LTE to 5G NR, CBRS and More

The migration from LTE to 5G represents an opportunity for mobile network operators to expand their participation in the value chain by offering enhanced applications and services.

Open Radio Access Networks trend icon

Open Radio Access Networks

For 5G, ONECELL leverages Open RAN and management frameworks as defined by the O-RAN Alliance and ONAP.

Mobile Experience Matters trend icon

Mobile Experience Matters

Increasingly, our mobile devices are our first choice for accessing information and getting things done. However, great devices and apps are only as good as the signal reaching them.

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