In-building Cellular

Building the 5G connected workplace

Across the enterprise, the need for in-building mobile coverage is undeniable and growing. Diverse technologies, new spectrum (5G and CBRS) and tougher demands require solutions that are intelligent, future ready, and easy to manage.

CommScope leads the way with in-building cellular solutions—5G and LTE distributed antenna systems (DAS), small cells and more—designed to drive better employee and customer experiences.

Challenges and opportunities


Ensure complete indoor coverage

Most mobile communication occurs indoors, yet today’s buildings block outdoor cell signals from penetrating. How do you ensure the reliable and ubiquitous connectivity your users expect?

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Support multiple operators

Not only must your mobile platform support more traffic and devices, but it must also be flexible and robust enough to handle the diverse requirements of multiple operators and multiple bands. 

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Evolve to 5G

Technologies are constantly advancing. The arrival of 5G brings with it exciting new opportunities as well as new challenges. Meet them head on with mobile platforms that are technology agnostic and future ready. 

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Leverage private LTE

Private LTE provides a new option for business-critical enterprise applications that require security, mobility and high performance.

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Keep it simple

As indoor mobility advances, mobile platforms must remain simple and cost-effective to install, configure and maintain. Using solutions designed to run on standard IT cabling is just one way to do that.

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Keep safe

Ensure that first responders have instant access to the network for vital emergency communications.

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Expanding in-building cellular potential

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Why CommScope?


All-digital design

All-digital means you make changes in software, not the hardware—so it’s simpler to configure and maintain. Plus, our solutions deploy over existing Category 6A, fiber cabling and Ethernet switching to save time and money.


5G built in

CommScope solutions allow you to support 3G and 4G services today, then gracefully evolve to 5G when you’re ready.


Market leader

Independent industry researchers consistently rank CommScope as the global market leader in distributed antenna systems. (Source: Mobile Experts Inc., Distributed Antenna Systems, 2020.)

Additional resources

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    Guide to antennas, splitters, couplers and other passive products for in-building wireless applications.
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    ONECELL from CommScope lets enterprises and property owners take control of their in-building cellular experience.
  • White Paper: 5G or Wi-Fi 6 for Enterprise?

    This white paper explains the differences between 5G and Wi-Fi 6, and explores how enterprises and building owners are likely to use each of them moving forward.
  • Brochure: ERA digital distributed antenna system

    ERA delivers LTE and 5G coverage and capacity for enterprise buildings and large public venues.
  • White Paper: Multi-operator small cells for neutral hosts

    This paper covers the role of neutral hosts in delivering multi-operator in-building wireless services, and explains how ONECELL C-RAN small cells meet their requirements.
  • White Paper: Evolution to in-building 5G with CommScope OneCell

    This paper describes the challenges involved in meeting in-building 5G performance, capacity and deployment requirements. This includes the need to deploy and support LTE for the foreseeable future.



Cell virtualization with ONECELL


CommScope ERA C-RAN antenna system


Evolution to in-building 5G with ONECELL