Macro cell sites

Build out 5G smarter and faster

With the explosive growth of cellular consumption and the accelerating rollout of 5G, wireless operators are being challenged to add capacity and boost network performance to stay ahead of the competition on the 5G deployment path. Adding new macro cell sites and modernizing existing sites are key strategies to address these challenges. But, in the new world of 5G, the earlier approaches to macro cell deployment no longer apply.

As a proven leader and innovator in wireless network infrastructure, CommScope knows there’s no single path to 5G and no one-size-fits-all macro cell solution. With a flexible, comprehensive range of macro cell solutions, we’re making the construction and updating of macro cell sites faster and more economical than ever before—keeping your customers connected now and into the 5G future.

Challenges and opportunities


BSA solutions for Stadiums

CommScope base station antenna solutions can address the capacity challenge MNOs are facing in stadiums. Learn how.

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C-band spectrum

The recently concluded C-band auction has created new opportunities to help mobile operators address the evergrowing need for network capacity, spectral efficiency and a migration path to 5G and beyond.

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CommScope aerodynamic antennas

As more and larger base station antennas are deployed, managing wind loads becomes critical for mobile network operators seeking to trim costs and introduce new services. Using our knowledge of aerodynamics and a relentless drive for better design, CommScope has developed a unique 360-degree wind load reducing antenna design.

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MC-115198-EN_OWN_Slim Antennas-Opt1_Landing Page 400x225

CommScope slim base station antennas

At cell sites within the macro network, towers are straining as more equipment is added. This forces engineers to balance site performance with tower loading and visual appearance. See how CommScope slim antennas address these challenges.

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Maximizing E band potential with dual-band antennas - hero 500x281

Dual band microwave antennas

Microwave has filled a vital role as backhaul for cellular networks worldwide—and CommScope’s newest innovation, the dual band antenna, demonstrates that there’s a bright future ahead for microwave backhaul with the inclusion of high-capacity.

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 Interleaved Passive Active Antenna (IPAA) - 500x281

Interleaved Passive Active Antenna (IPAA) for 5G

Today’s mobile networks feature multiple technologies—4G, 3G and 2G—scattered over a variety of frequency bands. As there’s only so much room on the tower, the new 5G equipment needs to ideally fit within the same physical space as the existing equipment. This is where the challenge begins...

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Dedicated to simplifying cell site connectivity

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Base Station Antennas by CommScope – built to perform, built to last

Wireless networks rise or fall based on the quality and capabilities of their base station antennas. CommScope designs, engineers and rigorously tests the antennas that mobility customers and operators alike have come to trust.

Why CommScope?

Design expertise icon

Design expertise

CommScope solutions go through extensive simulation, prototyping and environmental testing to validate performance and durability, backed by expertise that has earned more than 15,000 patents.

Trusted partner icon

Trusted partner

We offer customized counseling and technical support services to develop the best approach for optimizing your network, based on our 40-plus years of insight and innovation experience.

End-to-end solutions icon

End-to-end solutions

From base station antennas at the tower top to power and backhaul, CommScope macro cell solutions cover the full RF path and more.

Professional services—ranging from construction planning and permitting to commissioning, integration and validation—are also available to help ease deployments.

Global manufacturing icon

Global manufacturing

With strategically-located, high-volume factories and supply chains stretching around the world, CommScope can efficiently support your site builds.

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  • Case Study: Connectivity across Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Hong Kong Government

    The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is a project that sufficiently proves CommScope is a trusted choice of the client and its collaborators.
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