C-band Spectrum

Opening the C-band to accelerate 5G deployments

The C-band spectrum creates new opportunities for mobile operators to quickly add the network capacity and spectral efficiency to jump-start their 5G initiatives. The first step is planning how to integrate this into the macro layer and, for further densification, is to begin integrating C-band in their small cell deployments.

Macro cells face a number of key challenges, including the integration of advanced beamforming technologies, the rise of massive and multi-user MIMO, site architecture issues, potential interference with fixed satellite services and use with small cells.

Small cell deployments face thier own challenges as well. C-band radios are vendor specific, differing in size and footprint. Zoning regulations are often very strict, requiring a solution that blends into the background to be virtually invisible in the cityscape. Operators need a quality Metro Cell solution that accommodates nearly any OEM radio and can be deployed quickly using a variety of purpose-designed concealment options to meet local aesthetic requirements.

From macro towers to street-level Metro Cell solutions, count on a partner with over 40 years of experience to help you maximize your C-band deployments​


CommScope Shares C-band Small Cell Challenges & Solutions


Kat Brooks, Sr. Director-Sales at CommScope talks with John Celentano, Inside Towers Business Editor about C-band small cell deployment challenges and some novel solutions.

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