Simplifying cell site connectivity

As 5G ramps up, antenna-radio connections are growing more complex. With 75 years of experience, HELIAX® keeps evolving to address new outdoor wireless connectivity challenges—new designs ease deployment, boost quality even in the harshest environments, and optimize total cost of ownership. This trusted name has expanded from coaxial and now includes fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) and cluster connector solutions. Fueled by input from customers and CommScope’s commitment, HELIAX will continue to adapt and lead.

We can help you roll out your FTTA strategy in the smartest and simplest way


Simplify 5G deployments with cluster connectors

Sparring Partners Panel

Watch or listen to the panel discussion where speakers from CommScope, Senza Fili, EJL Wireless, and Radial discuss how you can simplify 5G deployments with 5G cluster connectors.

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Overcrowded Sites trend icon

Overcrowded Sites

As sites require upgrading to add new bands and 5G, connector designs become more important to allow antennas to do more without adding more weight and wind load to the towers.

Installation Complexity trend icon

Installation Complexity

Antenna port counts of up to 30 and complex MIMO configurations with multiple radio connections require smarter connectivity solutions to ensure accurate and secure mating.

More Fiber and Power Connections trend icon

More Fiber and Power Connections

Fiber-to-the-antenna deployments need a variety of solutions to meet the priorities for each site. Simplifying these deployments can save significant time and costs.

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Addressing the FTTA/FTTN Challenge

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Understanding the RF Path


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Take a Closer Look at Cluster Connector Technology


Mating antenna-radio ports while suspended atop a tower is becoming more complex and risky. Cluster connectors, which connect multiple ports simultaneously, have managed to address these issues. However, a reliable and future-ready connection is essential. Watch this video to see a demonstration of how HELIAX® M-LOC cluster connect technology meets these criteria and more.