Services for wireless networks

Unlocking value through design, integration, deployment and support

Enabling wireless connectivity 

Wireless connectivity, from 5G to Wi-Fi and beyond, is essential for businesses, venues, and public spaces. At CommScope, we go beyond selecting the right technology and products. Our comprehensive wireless services cover design, deployment, integration, and support.

With global experience and a strong presence, CommScope and our partners specialize in professional and managed wireless services. Leveraging public and private multi-access networks, including Wi-Fi, DAS, small cells, and macro cells, we provide tailored solutions for:

Enterprise Networks and Large Public Venues

  • Stadiums, convention halls, temporary events, airports, railway stations and other high-density public venues
  • Campus, enterprise, multi-dwelling unit (MDU), mixed use developments (MXU)
  • Indoor small cell networks

Outdoor Wireless Networks

  • Public Wi-Fi
  • Macro cell sites
  • Outdoor small cell densification
  • Buildouts for 5G and capacity

Our wireless services teams are driven to shape the networks of tomorrow and have designed and implemented systems in settings that range from office buildings to macro cell sites, to some of the world’s largest stadiums. And, we’ve done so for service providers and directly for enterprise, government and community clients.

With proven best practices, we are ready to design, build and support Wi-Fi, DAS, CBRS, 4G, 5G or other emerging solutions, including associated LAN and core networks. That means more dependable service and better revenue and operational efficiency for you.



Plan icon

  • Product positioning & education
  • Rough order of magnitude (ROM)
  • BOM assistance & verification
  • Training & Certification 

Design icon

  • Site survey & benchmark testing
  • Radio frequency design
  • Continuous wave testing
  • Commissioning, optimization & acceptance testing 
  • Capacity analysis and modeling 
  • IP Network architecture design and deployment steps 
  • High-level, low-level designs and construction drawings 
  • Methods of procedure development
  • Site architectural and electrical design 
  • Portal development 

Implement icon

  • Resource, construction management
  • Cross-functional coordination 
  • Installation 
  • Closeout documentation 
  • Site passive build (steel, rigging, cabinets, poles)
  • Power connection management 
  • Fiber and transmission build 
  • Migration of complex systems 
  • Site acquisition 

Operate icon

  • Cloud hosting & orchestration
  • KPI reporting
  • 24 x 7 NOC monitoring 
  • Proactive maintenance 
  • Remote & on-site support 
  • Network audit 
  • Software update
  • Special event monitoring 
  • Spares management 
  • RF tuning

5G upgrade 

5G is here and upgrading is easy.  Learn how enterprises, governments, enterprises, and venues can seamlessly upgrade from LTE or older technologies—and take advantage of increased speed, low latency applications and IoT. 

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