Services for wireless networks

Ensuring excellence and reducing risk in large, complex projects

Wireless capabilities are must-haves for today’s business. Choosing the right technology and products is only part of the challenge. Proper design, deployment, and integration into other systems are equally important.

CommScope has extensive experience designing wireless projects—for Wi-Fi, distributed antenna systems (DAS), macro cell, and small cells. With thousands of systems designed or deployed globally, we have a unique vantage point on the challenges and solutions. Our global network of professionally-trained and certified experts delivers new wireless solutions for:

  • Stadiums, convention halls, temporary events, airports, railway stations and other high density public venues
  • Campus, enterprise, multi-dwelling unit (MDU), mixed use developments (MXU)
  • Municipalities and communities
  • High-volume, standardized segments like homes, MDUs and SMBs (small to medium-sized businesses)
  • 2/3D outdoor macro and small cell networks
  • 3D indoor small cell networks

Our wireless services teams are driven to shape the networks of tomorrow and have designed and implemented systems in settings that range from office buildings to some of the world’s largest stadiums. And, we’ve done so for service providers and directly for enterprise, government and community clients.

We are always anticipating. Always ahead. Ready to design, build or service the Wi-Fi, DAS, CBRS, 4G, 5G or other emerging solutions ideally suited for your needs. That’s how we help you deliver reliable broadband and multimedia services across your networks—regardless of location or size. That means more efficiency, more dependable service and better revenue and operational efficiency for you.


Plan icon

  • Surveys and evaluation of existing networks
  • Capacity analysis and modeling
  • Assessment reports, survey results, mitigation plans
  • Technical and logistical project plan development

Design icon

  • Solution heat mapping and design development
  • Indoor/outdoor wireless RF design
  • Network architecture design and deployment steps
  • High-level, low-level designs and construction drawings
  • Methods of procedure development
  • Site architectural and electrical design
  • Site acquisition

Implement icon

  • Staging, installation, configuration
  • Systems integration
  • Site passive build (steel, rigging, cabinets, poles)
  • Site active build (equipment installation and commissioning)
  • Power connection management
  • Fiber and transmission build
  • Migration of complex systems
  • Solution validation
  • As-built documentation
  • Portal development
  • Live Event Support

Operate icon

  • Best practices configuration validation, implementation and system modifications
  • Network performance resolution and root-cause analysis
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) reporting
  • RF tuning
  • System updates
  • Downtime elimination activities
  • Health checks
  • Hosted core
  • Managed services
Delivering a rewarding Wi-Fi experience at Daytona International Speedway

As part of its DAYTONA Rising redevelopment project, International Speedway Corporation (ISC) chose a CommScope-powered, high-speed Wi-Fi network to help fans engage and interact at a deeper level with the race and other events. CommScope Professional Services had the task of designing, installing and integrating the new system.

Daytona International Speedway (DIS) presented a whole host of challenges, including massive square footage, unique topologies and obstacles, huge user demand, shifting usage patterns and both in-venue and outside-venue service requirements.

The CommScope team worked closely with ISC to develop Wi-Fi service goals and gather and analyze site and user demand information to determine optimal service locations. Designs were developed along with detailed construction drawings and custom mounting rigs for access points. But, because the site was undergoing renovation, it was often necessary to innovate on the fly—adjusting the blueprint-based designs to meet real-world conditions during installation. CommScope conducted real-world surveys during live events and made further adjustments to the system layout to account for observed usage patterns. The result was a robust design capable of supporting the unique demands of one of the largest sporting events in the world for fans, venue executives, concessionaires, sponsors and other stakeholders.

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