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With growing concern for public safety globally, the need for reliable, ubiquitous wireless network availability is critical. First responders must have access to the network for vital emergency communications. Citizens need reliable access to commercial mobile services to contact authorities in emergency situations. The network infrastructure must provide a reliably clear signal throughout the building. Whether deployed by government agencies or private building owners, a public safety network must meet applicable public safety requirements.

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CommScope has over four decades of experience delivering in-building wireless infrastructure. We offer a broad portfolio of public safety network solutions, combined with the expertise and resources to design, deploy, and service them. Our systems have been approved by authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) and other regulatory agencies. They have been used successfully in many of the world’s largest airports, railway and metro stations and tunnels, government buildings, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing and energy production facilities—anywhere there is a critical need for public safety communications.

Public safety solutions

CommScope offers multiple public safety solutions that economically scale according to the size of the building being covered and its safety requirements.

For a public safety signal source, CommScope provides a range of off-air repeaters and bi-directional amplifiers for public safety frequency bands. Frequencies and features can be configured in software to adapt to the specific project needs. CommScope also supports the use of third-party TETRA or LTE public safety base stations.

For large buildings and multi-building campuses, CommScope’s distributed antenna system (DAS) distributes public safety RF signals from the signal source to remotes and antennas throughout the buildings or campus. For small and medium-size buildings, the repeater/BDA and donor antenna can be connected directly to transmitting antennas placed throughout the building. DAS features for public safety include support for multiple public safety frequency bands and a range of transmit power levels, as well as flood- and fire-resistant enclosures for head-end elements and remotes.

The AIMOS management system allows real-time local and remote monitoring and management of public safety systems for operability and uptime.

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CommScope also provides a range of passive products and cabling for a complete public safety network solution.

  • Antennas and passive products - indoor antennas and related passive components designed to support public safety frequencies
  • SYSTIMAX® structured cabling solutions providing coaxial, fiber and twisted-pair cabling that complies with local and regional fire safety regulations, including LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) cables.
  • Construction Product Regulation (CPR)—classified cables including HELIAX® 50-ohm coaxial cables in multiple fire safety design options.

Why CommScope?

Meets public safety standards icon

Meets public safety standards

Our systems comply with standards set by authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) and regulatory agencies.

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A solution for every building

Solutions cost-effectively serve structures ranging from moderate-sized office buildings to stadiums and airports.

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Public safety expertise

CommScope has over four decades of experience building public safety communications infrastructure, globally.