Reverse Patching Solutions

The VisiPatch 360® system is a revolutionary patching and integrated cable management solution that holistically integrates form, function and usability to deliver true performance. VisiPatch 360 is comprised of five key components that work together to create a simple and custom installation — resulting in an aesthetically pleasing, ergonomically efficient system that saves you time, space and money. In addition, the modular nature of the system makes future expansion easy and cost-effective.

VisiPatch 360 utilizes a unique reverse patching technology that allows the patch cord to be projected away from the user and into the patching field. This design improves cord management by reducing the “spaghetti” cord clutter associated with poorly installed RJ45 systems and makes reading the labeling information easy — facilitating future moves, adds and changes.

  • Available for wall-mount as well as rack-mount and cabinet installations
  • Features best-in-class transmission performance
  • Supports 10G and 1G Ethernet applications
  • Modular, scalable and flexible solution
  • Increased port density and usable density
  • Snap-together components
  • Integrated horizontal and vertical cable and patch cord management