CommScope: Supporting Service Providers on Their Journey to Net Zero

Let’s shape the future together

The telecom industry needs to act urgently for the climate, in its Smart 2020 report, the International Telecom Union (ITU) estimates that the ICT industry generates approximately 2% of global emissions and it urges information and communication technology (ICT) organizations to reach net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2040, if possible, or 2050 at the latest, and has published guidance on how to set net-zero targets.

CommScope has a clear vision and roadmap for the development of a more sustainable outdoor wireless solutions business, grounded in quantified indicators. In this white paper, we aim to outline key actions Telcos and their vendors can take to make mobile networks more sustainable including:

  • Good radio planning and the right sizing of networks help realize energy and dollar savings
  • Using more energy-efficient antennas helps to reduce RAN power consumption
  • Procuring eco-friendly network equipment
  • Power and cooling solutions are also key to site modernization
  • Rethinking the impact of the supply chain at all stages, including packaging and logistics

Download the white paper: