Interleaved Passive Active Antenna (IPAA) for 5G

Jointly designed by Nokia and CommScope

Today’s mobile networks feature multiple technologies—4G, 3G and 2G—scattered over a variety of frequency bands. As there’s only so much room on the tower, the new 5G equipment needs to ideally fit within the same physical space as the existing equipment. This is where the challenge begins...

Together with our colleagues at Nokia we have designed a solution that helps overcome that challenge, supporting all existing technologies in the most space efficient way possible and so easing the complexities of 5G deployments. The interleaved passive-active antenna (IPAA) seamlessly combines both Nokia mMIMO radio technology and CommScope passive antenna technology in a single unit, which supports legacy technologies as well as different 5G configurations, all in a compact solution.

 Interleaved Passive Active Antenna (IPAA) - 720x1000

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Nokia and CommScope jointly design an Interleaved Passive Active Antenna (IPAA) for 5G

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Interleaved Passive Active Antenna (IPAA) Blog hero - 500x281

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