HELIAX® Modular with SkyBlox™

Customize your cabling, choose your breakout—welcome to the future of FTTA

Install fast, spend less and get more out of your FTTA investment

CommScope’s HELIAX® modular FTTA solutions provide a highly customizable and fast-deploying approach to continual network modernization. It consists of configurable fiber, power or hybrid trunks, plus a variety of plug-and-play breakout solutions including CommScope’s stackable and recyclable SkyBlox™ breakout system. HELIAX® modular FTTA solutions enable MNOs to select the cabling configuration, breakout design and connector types for a best-fit solution.

Preconnectorized and preconfigured trunks and jumpers dramatically reduce the time and cost needed to prep, hoist and secure cabling to the tower. The modular design reduces inventory SKUs while increasing deployment options—making it easier to order, deploy and manage.

Once deployed, upgrading the modular FTTA solution is as easy as replacing or adding jumpers. With the plug-and-play SkyBlox™ stackable breakout system, you can support continued network growth while minimizing your tower footprint.


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