HELIAX® Trunk-to-Breakout-Box

Tomorrow's FTTA solutions offer a trunkful of benefits. Learn how at Commscope

One trunk cable to prep and pull with so many advantages. 

CommScope’s HELIAX trunk-to-BOB FTTA solution gives MNOs the agility, speed and accelerated deployment needed to keep pace with their network’s evolution. Instead of many discrete homerun fibers and cables, the solution uses a single trunk cable containing up to 32 fibers and 16 power conductors that terminate at a BOB located just below the RRUs. Jumpers then connect the RRUs and antennas to the BOB. A single trunk can support up to nine RRUs and/or antennas.

With just one cable to prep, hoist and connect, the trunk-to-BOB solution requires only one installer, fewer cable brackets, less tower loading and less installation time. Troubleshooting is easier, as well as network expansions and upgrades. To add or upgrade RRUs or antennas, just add or replace the jumpers. Not only is it faster and easier but replacing the jumpers instead of the entire FTTA trunk also creates far less environmental impact.
All cabling and connector performance is rigorously tested for the toughest environmental conditions, reliability, and network uptime to reduce costly truck rolls.


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