Learn the Basics of Microwave Backhaul Networks

Laura-Fontaine--11-11-15--thumb(1) Laura Fontaine November 24, 2015

Comsearch-MicrowaveThe pace of the wireless industry makes it difficult yet critical to keep up with professional development. Acquiring new skills helps to prepare for new opportunities, keep pace with current responsibilities or simply broaden understanding and capabilities.

Online training makes it even easier to attain or enhance skills. Fitting training into current work responsibilities can be a real challenge. An online program gives students the flexibility to study on the schedule that fits their lives. Online courses also help workers remain competitive without needing to take time off from their jobs to do so.

As microwave systems continue to be a vital part of wireless connectivity, we’ve seen a demand for knowledge related to microwave engineering concepts. However, we have also seen a lack of comprehensive microwave engineering training in this medium.

To this end, Comsearch has just launched our Microwave Engineering eLearning Center as part of the CommScope Infrastructure Academy. The Microwave eLearning Center offers comprehensive and interactive online microwave engineering courses to help hone students’ skills and enhance their expertise.

Students can set their own pace from any location at any time. Our curriculum-based courses are designed to provide convenience and relevant content with narrated slides and mini-quizzes throughout to reinforce the concepts. Courses are progressive, allowing students to start simple then get into advanced concepts. Upon completion, students receive a certificate that documents their accomplishment.

Our first course offering is Microwave Engineering Fundamentals, which takes students through the basic elements of a microwave path, the role propagation plays in the design, the components of good path design, regulatory considerations and more. We plan to launch new complementary course offerings throughout 2016, including Microwave Path Design and Microwave Propagation.

To learn more about the theory, practices and technologies of microwave backhaul, you can also download the new CommScope ebook, Microwave Communication Basics. This ebook explains how microwave transmission systems for backhaul can impact the capacity and reliability of wireless networks. It discusses some of the components, systems and practices enable an efficient microwave communications network.

What do you think of these resources? What other tools would help in understanding microwave systems? Leave me a comment to share your thoughts.

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Laura Fontaine

Laura Fontaine is the director of interactive solutions at Comsearch. She has nearly 25 years of experience in the field of spectrum management and the evaluation of spectrum sharing and spectrum relocation. Comsearch has provided innovative spectrum management and wireless engineering solutions to the global market for fixed, mobile, and broadband wireless applications for over 35 years.