What Makes a Stadium a Unique and Agile Experience in the Digital Age?

There is no doubt that sports fans want to share their team’s allegiance with the world, especially when they are at the game. What happens when they can’t because the stadium’s network will not allow them to post pictures or videos or even get a cell signal? At the new BBVA Bancomer Stadium in Monterrey, Mexico, those issues are a thing of the past. Ramses González gives you an inside look at the technological advancements in this state-of-the-art complex.

BBVA Bancomer StadiumToday, we have a need to be connected at all times. We demand speed, efficiency and connection. We expect every place we go to have the network infrastructure that enables connectivity and a unique, dynamic, efficient experience. This requirement is nothing new to the entertainment industry, especially for large venues and sports stadiums.

Such is the case at the BBVA Bancomer Stadium, home to the Rayados de la Liga MX team in Monterrey, Mexico. In addition to providing fun to all fans, the stadium wanted to ensure quality network connectivity that would be flawless. With the deployment of innovative CommScope solutions (imVision, TeraSPEED and GigaSPEED X10), the stadium will be ready to support new wireless experiences that the club and its affiliates wish to share with their fans. Stadium visitors can be sure that their BBVA Bancomer Stadium experience will be unforgettable with broad cellular coverage and efficient data transmission for sharing photos, streaming videos and interacting with mobile applications on their smartphones.

CommScope’s infrastructure solutions will not only help stadium visitors have fun, but they also meet the need to deliver the best of today’s data speeds and future-ready the facility. While attending a game, people want to share that winning goal with everyone, but they cannot do that with poor mobile coverage or an over-saturated Wi-Fi network. With CommScope solutions, people can walk comfortably around the stadium, talking on their phones without losing coverage, or using their gadgets without an interruption in their connection.

The stadium has the most advanced technology in all areas:

  • Transmission screens
  • Audio systems and wireless Wi-Fi network for its users
  • Cell phone coverage
  • State-of-the-art technology in its boxes and suites
  • Concessions

CommScope solutions make the experience of a live soccer match even more enjoyable for fans. The role of technology in the fan experience in all areas of the world has been, is and will be a constant challenge. The BBVA Bancomer Stadium in Monterrey has become one of the most important and modern stadiums in Latin America, praised by the world press for its innovation and design.

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