Simplify and evolve your mobile network

A guide for optimizing your RF Path

With demand for 5G rising and 6G on the way, mobile operators need more of everything— more bandwidth and frequency support, more capacity and reach, more spectral efficiency and RF conditioning, more backhaul and power. That means adding more equipment, ports, bands and cabling to an already cluttered RF path. So how do you do it without adding more complexity?

In this eBook, we lean on our innovation and expertise from over 85 years in the outdoor wireless networks industry. Our expertise and technologies have helped launch the first 2G, 3G and 4G networks. Today they enable 5G rollouts and will be a central component of the 6G networks to follow.

With over 180 pages, we discuss the comprehensive RF path, the challenges and how those can be addressed to help you succeed with your network builds.

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