CommScope Outdoor Wireless Networks Forum - Madrid

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October 03 - October 07, 2022

Welcome to the CommScope OWN Forum, come and explore CommScope’s solutions for outdoor wireless networks. Let us help you ensure your networks are faster and smarter.

CommScope and our wireless network operator partners are getting closer to our green goals-and we’re doing it with more than just talk.


Eco-friendly design to reduce our carbon footprint


Enable network energy efficiency


Rethinking packaging & logistics

What will you see at the CommScope OWN Forum?


  • Antenna efficiencies
  • Mosaic, the art of combining active and passive
  • 3 Low Band Array antenna sharing solution
  • 8T8T FDD antenna solution
  • Compact PIPE trisector antenna 5G ready
  • Compact Cabinet and CellSign Solution
  • MLOC. Cluster connector with low loss cables, tool free installation and IP68 protection
  • PIM mitigation accessories, tools and grounding equipment
  • F4C jumper
  • FTTA - Skyblox, plug and play for fiber and power

Rewrite the rules of 5G deployments with CommScope’s new Mosaic™ base station antenna solution

While 5G deployments are a top priority for network operators all over the world, those deployments can’t come at the expense of existing 4G networks, which will continue to be an important, profitable technology for years to come. Overlaying 5G means adding antennas to existing sites—and that can pose challenges in tower weight, wind load and appearance.

The Mosaic platform offers the best of both by integrating active and passive antennas—built to your network specifications—to power new 5G rollouts and fully support legacy networks at the same time, and in the same footprint as current-generation 4G-only passive antennas.

Radio-agnostictruly modular and upgradable to mMIMO, Mosaic antennas provide network operators with a complete, compact and highly customizable solution that powers faster, simpler, more economical 5G rollouts.

Conceal small cells in plain sight with CellSign

4G and 5G networks need more outdoor sites than ever, and it may seem like you’re running out of places to conceal them. CommScope’s out-of-the-box thinking has delivered a new option—an outdoor small cell solution that provides 5G-ready performance IN THE BOX that hides in plain sight, almost anywhere there’s signage space. 

Simplify technology rollouts without compromising performance

CommScope offers filter and tower mounted amplifier (TMA) products that make it easier for operators to expand their networks and roll out new technologies. By deploying our wide array of products, operators can boost data throughput, enhance coverage and reduce signal noise.

We design and manufacture multi-band and same-band combiners, tower mounted amplifiers (TMAs) and interference mitigation filters along with customized solutions such as TMAs with powerful integrated features.

HELIAX Modular FTTA solutions

Learn more in the Q&A by Henry Wang

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Simplifying cell site connectivity

As 5G ramps up, antenna-radio connections are growing more complex. With 75 years of experience, HELIAX® keeps evolving to address new outdoor wireless connectivity challenges—new designs ease deployment, boost quality even in the harshest environments, and optimize total cost of ownership. This trusted name has expanded from coaxial and now includes fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) and cluster connector solutions. Fueled by input from customers and CommScope’s commitment, HELIAX will continue to adapt and lead.

HELIAX® SkyBlox™​ simplifies  cable management 

CommScope’s HELIAX Modular and SkyBlox solutions can help mobile network operators’ the most out of their FTTA investment by helping solve challenges with weight limitations on the tower, meeting strict regulatory requirements and future proofing.

Taking RF connectivity to the next level

Connectivity between remote radio units and 5G antennas with high port counts is continuing to grow in complexity as more bands and multiple MIMO configurations are required. That’s why CommScope designed our M-LOC cluster connector technology to simplify 5G antenna-radio connections, reduce installation time, and prevent connectivit y errors, which are especially critical in 4T4R and 8T8R MIMO configurations.

The M-LOC system includes NEX10-compatible four- and five-port cluster connector schemes with a patented latching mechanism and keyed feature that assures accurate and secure mating for a weather-tight seal and superior PIM performance.

CommScope offers a better idea. PowerShift® Macro, intelligent power delivery for a more reliable macro cell network

Ensuring continuity in your macro network when the grid is down is becoming more critical, difficult and expensive. Today’s macro cell site designs call for more high-powered remote radio units (RRUs) atop the tower. As the distance between the battery plant and RRUs increases, so does the drop in voltage to the RRUs. To compensate, operators must use more power cables or heavier conductors; either way, they face increased cost, schedule delays and tower loads.

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