HELIAX® Innovative RF Connectors

HELIAX innovative RF connectors: Faster, easier, reliable connections every time

As demands on mobile networks increase, RF equipment grows more complex. Faced with higher capacity demands and shrinking tower space, operators are deploying more multiband and massive MIMO applications. At the same time, installation schedules are being compressed. As a result, MNOs and their antenna and OEM partners must re-think their RF connectivity strategies.

CommScope HELIAX innovative connector solutions provide MNOs and their antenna and OEM partners a wide range of RF connectors designed for fast, secure installation and superior long-term RF performance.

The latest HELIAX RF connector designs include push-pull, cluster, device-to-device and board-to-board connectors. Tool-free deployment eliminates the need for torque wrenches, reducing installation costs and time—especially in crowded or hard-to-reach areas. Error-free mating makes innovative HELIAX connectors the ideal solution for applications requiring high connector counts.

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HELIAX Innovative RF Connectors

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HELIAX Innovative Connectors


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