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For over 70 years, CommScope Home Networks has been at the forefront of innovation in the connected home, and we continue to dedicate our efforts to driving the industry forward. Our technologists  go beyond the boundaries — developing new ideas and taking on leading roles in industry bodies to create the next generation of standards — bringing solutions for the future to realization.

10G - From Access Network to Around the Home

In this interview from the 2023 Cable Next Gen conference, CommScope’s Charles Cheevers talks about how the evolution of DOCSIS is setting the stage for high-performance, reliable broadband that can deliver future 10-gigabit services to every corner of the home. The key to this is aligning DOCSIS 4.0 with Wi-Fi 7, whether that be through a traditional all-in-one gateway device or a two-box solution. New Wi-Fi 7 capabilities will revolutionize the future of home networking by allowing, for the first time, deterministic connectivity that brings an even better, low-latency experience to every application and service running on the network.

How DOCSIS 4 CPE will benefit DOCSIS 3.1

DOCSIS 4 modems and gateways will be able to operate on today’s DOCSIS 3.1 networks, what we are calling DOCSIS 3.1e, increasing the speeds available on a 3.1 network. DOCSIS3.1e will give service providers more flexibility; providing a stepping-stone to DOCSIS 4 or a service uplift where no DOCSIS 4 upgrades are planned.

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AI and the Connected Home

How will Artificial Intelligence (AI) be applied to connected home? In this blog Charles Cheevers, Home Networks CTO answers questions on the subject.

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Low Latency for Enhanced Broadband Services

Ian Wheelock, Enginnering Fellow, Home Networks CTO office describes the causes of network latency and its increasingly significant impact on end-user applications. He reviews the technology available to address it and how service providers can bring these techniques together to offer enhanced services.

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Home Broadband: One-Box or Two-Box Solution?

Mike Moss, VP, Customer Program Management, CommScope Home Networks discusses the pros & cons of integrated gateways or separate modem/ONT and routers, based on regulation, costs, convenience, preference future tech evolution and even eco-design.

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2023 Home Networks Trends

Charles Cheevers discusses the key industry trends for service providers, consumers and technology & solution vendors in 2023.

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