MWC 2024

Sustainable, Secure, Smarter Networks

Category: Tradeshow
Region: Global
February 26 - February 29, 2024
Booth #2F40

Visit CommScope at MWC 2024 to see the true power of innovation. We will share our full range of high-efficiency, sustainability-conscious network infrastructure solutions that can help our customers achieve their green goals and meet their security SLAs—all while simplifying the deployment and evolution of their network infrastructure.

Outdoors and indoors, from the tower to the node, CommScope will showcase the smarter solutions that will power today’s—and tomorrow’s—most ambitious wireless networks.

See below insights into what we will be showcasing at MWC 2024.


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Outdoor Wireless Networks

Our mission is to simplify and innovate everywhere it matters to help the mobile ecosystem build today’s and tomorrow’s sustainable networks—and to do it faster and smarter.

Our Outdoor Wireless Network demos at MWC 2024 will focus on how we specialise in simplifying and driving innovation across essential areas, empowering you to:

  • Expand coverage and capacity with high-efficiency, small-footprint solutions
  • Streamline deployments of fibre and power infrastructure for a more flexible network
  • Build greener, more efficient networks with smarter power solutions
  • Expect customised solutions and service, from street level to the tower top
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RUCKUS Networks

RUCKUS is a global leader in purpose-driven networking, offering innovative, AI-driven solutions. Known for robust and scalable products like RUCKUS One and RUCKUS AI, we simplify network management and enhance connectivity experiences.

RUCKUS AI-Driven Platform - Learn more about RUCKUS One, our AI-driven converged network assurance, service delivery and business intelligence platform.

RUCKUS One™ simplifies the complexity that encumbers modern networks. Easy to use, easy to expand, with flexible configuration that allows you to manage and optimize multi-access networks simply and securely.

Converged Wi-Fi/ IoT/4G/5G Networks - Learn more about our converged Wi-Fi/IoT/4G/5G Networks solutions.  Only RUCKUS provides a full set of wireless technologies to meet enterprise and operator use cases, and RUCKUS One ™ streamlines the deployment and management of converged networks via an AI-driven network assurance and business intelligence platform.  

Multi-Vertical Services - Learn more about how our innovative RUCKUS One™ platform enables new digital services using its leading edge, open and API driven framework with converged wired and wireless infrastructure. 

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Intelligent Cell Networks

Flexible Deployments - O-RAN is moving indoors, and O-RAN-compliant in-building 5G solutions enable streamlined public and private networks that are more flexible to deploy, easier to evolve, and drive new monetization strategies.  This demo shows the evolution from C-RAN to O-RAN, focusing on the impact of 100% digital interfaces on data centers/venue equipment requirements, support of both public and private networks, and decoupling of coverage vs. capacity.  

Sustainability Savings - O-RAN is moving indoors, and O-RAN-compliant in-building 5G solutions are improving sustainability for both MNOs and venues.  This demo shows the reduced technology footprint between DAS without digital interfaces and O-RAN-compliant DAS.  Additionally, the demo includes a calculator that calculates floor space, power, and cooling reductions that drive both CapEx, OpEx, and CO2 emissions.

Converged Networks - In this demo, we will illustrate the effortless integration of private networks into existing in-building public networks, unveiling exciting avenues for generating additional revenue streams over converged public and private networks.