Effectively Deploying C-Band in the Macro Environment

  • Region: NAR
  • Category: Outdoor Wireless Networks
  • Language: English
  • 50 minutes

Beginning in 2021, Mobile Network Operators in the U.S. will start deploying C-band as the newest frequency to support 5G technology. Clearing this 280 MHz of spectrum (3.7–3.98 GHz) for mobile wireless usage presents a significant opportunity for the entire industry, but it comes with some critical deployment challenges. By considering the potential real estate limitations, power consumption issues, interference concerns, and overall network densification needs, operators can identify the most effective solutions and strategies for deploying C-band in the macro environment.

What you will learn:

  • C-band is the next big spectrum release. How long will these deployments last?
  • How to compensate for higher path loss expected in C-band.
  • Understanding beamforming approaches and how to maximize your deployment in each environment:
    • 64T64R active antenna unit (AAU) massive MIMO
    • 8T8R active-passive antenna solutions
  • Site architecture considerations in choosing N+1, 1+1, or all-in-one.
  • All-In-One antenna solutions come in multiple configurations. Learn about key options for future network enhancements.
  • How to mitigate interference with Fixed Satellite Service Earth Stations (currently using the same spectrum as C-band)
  • Today’s power consumption and preparing for growing demand to support higher-power RRUs.

Webinar Presenter

Matt Morris Director of Product Line Management CommScope

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