CommScope’s M-LOC Cluster Connector and PowerShift Win Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Awards

CommScope’s M-LOC Cluster Connector and PowerShift DC power supply have won the Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine’s 2020 Innovator Awards. In this blog, Mike Wolfe gives you quick explanation of their benefits.

New_Diversity_AwardCommScope’s M-LOC Cluster Connector and PowerShift DC power supply have won the Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine’s 2020 Innovator Awards. Hundreds of products were evaluated by industry experts for these prestigious awards, and our ground-breaking M-LOC Cluster Connector (a Silver award winner) and PowerShift (a Gold award winner) solutions came out on top.

As 5G deployments continue to ramp, mobile operators are seeking new ways to connect more frequency bands and optimize power delivery to new radios. Our PowerShift DC power supply and M-LOC Cluster Connector offer new levels of efficiency and connectivity.

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Cellular deployments are steadily demanding more and more power at the top of the tower. New radios, as well as those in development, need more energy to help meet the world’s insatiable thirst for more capacity and faster throughput. These radios, whether in an LTE network or a new 5G network with a massive MIMO architecture, have raised the average wattage requirements per remote radio unit (RRU) from 100-300 watts (at the turn of the century) to one-to-two kilowatts today. Moreover, operators are installing more RRUs at the tower top than ever before.

PowerShift is the industry’s first intelligent, plug-and-play DC power supply. PowerShift regulates the voltage at the RRU, keeping it at a constant -54 VDC on a steady basis, without a tower-top converter. The newest member of the PowerShift family, the PowerShift 2000FA, can supply up to 2,000W per RRU in a one-rack chassis, supporting up to 4 RRUs per rack, with both ganged and front inputs to make connections easy in tight spaces. It also increases battery backup times by up to 50 percent.


The HELIAX M-LOC Cluster Connector

As antenna port counts continue to increase and site configurations grow in complexity in the age of 5G services, the cost of installation for site upgrades and new deployments also rise. CommScope’s M-LOC Cluster Connector System installs with a single push/lock motion that reduces installation time by over 75 percent and uses a keyed feature that ensures accuracy in port mating – saving installation time and cost. The M-LOC jumper uses a metal/polymer construction for durability that additionally reduces site rental fees with a lighter weight design. The new M-LOC cluster jumper family supports connectivity to 4 or 5 antenna ports with a single latching connection, while also offering excellent performance for both TDD and future FDD cluster connector systems.

Congratulations to the M-LOC and PowerShift teams for earning these awards!