How the gateway is one solution to solve home network complexity

Ken Haase - Headshot Ken Haase April 22, 2020

Blog_Telco_Gateway_FamilyHome connectivity is evolving every day. Today, more than ever, people expect their connectivity to be there no matter if they are working from home, the kids are playing games or if they are finishing their eLearning assignments.

That means service providers are facing various challenges in delivering connectivity to the connected home.

For many, the home gateway is the starting point for delivering connected home services. They are evolving to become the platform for the next-generation of smart home services; however, services providers are seeing challenges in delivering the connected home.

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The home is increasingly complex for both the consumer and the service providers. We are connecting more devices, mainly over Wi-Fi, whether they are smart speakers, security cameras, smart lighting or streaming video to various devices.

Making this work together is a challenge for the consumer and an opportunity for the service provider. If the customer can’t connect, then they call the service provider. If service providers can offer services that are easy to use and simplify their connected lives, then they can be at the heart of the home, while reducing service-related calls. That all starts with properly installing the home gateway.

Not only are we seeing the demand for higher speeds and lower latency for steaming video and applications like gaming and virtual reality, but the need to deliver that bandwidth reliably around the home means we need better Wi-Fi. In fact, Wi-Fi issues are the most common cause for service calls.

We also cannot forget the security aspect. There is increasing consumer awareness of threats to the home network from new points of attack like:

  • Security cameras
  • How their data is being used
  • Parents who desire a safe on-line environment for their children

Telcos desire to be a trusted provider of a secure connected home.

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Ken Haase - Headshot

Ken Haase

Ken Haase is Vice President of Global Telco Broadband Devices, Home Networks Segment, for CommScope, a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks. He is responsible for CommScope’s WW Telco Residential Gateway and Extender business.

Mr. Haase joined CommScope through the acquisition of ARRIS in April of 2019 where he held a similar position. Prior to ARRIS, Mr. Haase worked at Motorola Home where he served as Vice President of Product Management from 2007 to 2013 and Netopia, Inc from 2004 to 2007 as Vice President of Product Management and Technical Services. Ken has more than 30 years of experience in the computer networking industry and 26 years in Product Line Management. 

Mr. Haase started his career at NYNEX in 1986 where, as both a Systems and Project Engineer, he designed and installed networks for Fortune 500 companies in the Northeastern portion of the United States. He also held the position of Director of Product Marketing for Proxim with responsibility for indoor Wi-Fi and outdoor Broadband Wireless product portfolios. He also served as Vice President of Marketing at Farallon Communications where he introduced the first 802.11 wireless networking products for Apple Macintosh computers. He also held the General Chairman position at the HomeRF Working Group.