CONNECT (X) 2020

Virtual CONNECT (X) 2020 – an All Access FREE Virtual Event

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May 19, 2020

Virtual Connect (X) 2020 provides the ideal meeting place for infrastructure owners, carriers, and network providers to come together for educational sessions, networking, and business opportunities. This event is about new thinking, new solutions and new partners to fulfill on the promise of public and private 5G connectivity.


Ken Hasse, VP Global Telco Broadband Devices
“Capitalizing on the New Economics and Market Opportunities with FWA”

A fundamental shift is occurring in the Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) market. No longer solely a solution for rural and low-density markets, CBRS and 5G NR enable network operators and integrators to utilize FWA to address suburban and urban areas. This session focuses on self-installed indoor CPE solutions to reduce costs and eliminate much of the professional installation costs associated with residential and multi-tenant customer deployments. Network operators, integrators and neutral host networks will learn the advantages and opportunities of utilizing FWA in the broader market. 

Mark Gibson, Director, Business Development
“Connecting the Rest: Shared Networks & CBRS for Improved Rural Connectivity”

Improving connectivity in areas that are under-served by traditional carriers has emerged in 2020 as a critical consideration for a stay-at-home workforce. However, what is required for expedited network coverage will take innovation and collaboration. This session discusses how CBRS technology, spectrum sharing frameworks, and network sharing models are positioned right now to assist wireless operators to reduce their network cost structure and improve deployments to rural and under-served America.

Mike Wolfe VP, Wireless Network Engineering
"Massive MIMO and Innovative RAN Solutions for Greater Capacity for 5G Networks –

Massive MIMO deployment is more than just an extension of existing MIMO techniques used in 4G and LTE networks. Now with massive MIMO and 5G NR, service providers can transmit and receive using a much larger antenna array by manipulating the phase and amplitude of the signals to dynamically direct coverage to a specific service area. To enable a substantial increase in capacity, the technology introduces multi-user spatial multiplexing, transmitting every byte on a different antenna stream in the real-time domain and freeing up the time slot for the next user. But this also leads to new complications during validation and activation, as well as more complex network operations and troubleshooting.



Era™ and ION-E
Era™ and ION-E : all-digital inbuilding wireless solutions that push what’s possible

CommScope Era is an all-digital C-RAN antenna system that leverages wireless operators' initiatives to centralize and virtualize baseband radio assets, a foundational design concept for 5G networks.

Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) solutions provide LTE quality wireless coverage and capabilities to your network.