Repair and Return

Standard Warranty 

Hardware: 12 Months (from date of shipment). 30 to 45-day turnaround from date defective unit arrives at ARRIS.

Software: 90 days (from download). E-mail support for software defects only. 2 business day response to e-mail. Maintenance and emergency releases. (Customer-installable fixes and updates to operational software. Does not include major new functionality releases.)

Repair Contracts

Extended Warranty: 12 months (from purchase of extended warranty contract). Replacement unit shipped w/in 30 calendar days of ARRIS receipt of defective unit.*

Advanced Replacement: 12 months (from purchase of advanced replacement warranty). Replacement unit shipped within two business days of ARRIS RMA (Return Materials Authorization) being opened. Contact your Account Representative for custom options for Extended Warranty or Advanced Replacement contracts.

Return Authorization Requests

Submit your Return Material Authorization (RMA) requests on the My Support portal. For questions or issues, email

ARRIS Product Handling

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Refurbishment Programs


*Turn-around time assumes units are returned in reasonable quantities. Large volume returns will be done on best effort only. A hardware screening fee may be charged for units sent for repair that are assessed “No Problem Found."