DG Lifestyle Stores

Deliver the Fullest Apple Shopping Experience with Smart Wi-Fi

Walk into any DG Lifestyle stores and you are immediately struck by the clean lines, blond woods and large expanse of whiteness. This visually spare layout is designed above all to emphasize the products, which are neatly laid out and ready for hands-on use. Visitors are at their liberty to create something and get a feel for the hardware and software and how it interacts.

Such design doesn’t come about by accident, but involves meticulous planning and adherence to a strict set of rules. Of critical importance in supporting this is a reliable, high performance Wi-Fi setup that can unobtrusively showcase the full capabilities of every iPad, MacBook, iPhone, iPod and iMac system on display.

So when DG Lifestyle Store, Asia’s largest Apple reseller, decided to revamp the internal networks in its nine Hong Kong stores, it quickly turned to Ruckus Wireless and its Smart Wi-Fi solution.

Smart Wi-Fi integrates Ruckus patented BeamFlex™ smart antenna technology to deliver a consistent, high performance, extended wireless coverage and multimedia support as it automatically tunes itself to adapt to constant changes in the environment.

  • Establish secure, unobtrusive Wi-Fi coverage across nine Hong Kong retail stores
  • Support clean architectural image of each store in accordance with Apple guidelines
  • Network to be used to demonstrate applications across a range of Apple devices including iPad, MacBook Pro, iPhone and iMac systems
  • Wi-Fi network also to be used for Point of Sales Application, stock checking and in-store CCTV security system
  • Smooth performance required in busy malls where there is a lot of interference from other commercial Wi-Fi devices
  • Nine stores ranging from 600 to 2000 square feet in size
  • Each store equipped with one Ruckus 7300 Series Access Point
  • Linked to headquarters office and a central ZoneDirector 1000 Smart WLAN Controller
  • Highly stable network that can easily cope with peak weekend shopping days
  • Fast setup from start to completion in 4 weeks
  • Wi-Fi signal much stronger and more stable than previous in-store set-up
  • Demonstrations on Apple products run smooth and glitch-free
  • All stores can be centrally managed
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